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Ask the Teacher: About Developmental Milestones

ASK THE TEACHER: About Developmental Milestones

By: Helena McDermott BA MA Special Education Teacher

Q: My daughter has been walking on her toes since 15 months. I wasn't so concerned, but now she is 24 months old and continues to walk this way. My friend thinks she will grow out of this but now I am not so sure.

A: At each birthday a child needs to reach specific developmental milestones. Although walking exclusively on the toes is not so much of a concern at 15 months of age, it does become something to talk to your doctor about at 2 years of age. Do not panic, your doctor will most likely tell you to consider an intervention such as physical therapy.

For a list of Developmental Milestones by age click here

Q: My daughter is turning 3 in a few weeks but my husband and I are worried that her speech is still so unclear. My father in-law always says, "what's she saying, I can't understand her!" What can I do to help my little girl?

A: At the age of 3, people other than you and your husband should be able to understand what your daughter is saying. Again it isn't something to lose sleep over but it is a good idea to take the following steps. First, as in any case of fear of developmental delay, seek out your pediatrician. Second, take the information from the doctor and seek out the appropriate services from your school district. In this case your daughter will most likely need a speech therapist. Considering you took steps now, your little one will be speaking clearing as she enters kindergarten or even before.

Q: My daughter entered kindergarten in September and although I could tell she was scared I thought she would open up after a while. At the parent teacher conference the teacher told me she shows no interest in playing with the other children. She started to mention some interventions she tried to use but I ="5" was only interested in if she was performing academically. Should I be concerned if my child is just shy?

A: Well, kindergarten is a time to develop socialization skills and by 5 years of age it is considered developmentally appropriate for a child to want to please her friends and be like her friends. If your child is showing little interest in playing with other children then you should take it just as seriously as if they weren't able to count to ten. It may be wise to reconvene with your child's teacher and ask what you can do at home, what she has been doing at school and to ask if there are other school staff that can support your daughter.

Q: My son is 4 and cannot grasp a crayon and I feel like this is delaying him from drawing pictures and writing his name. My husband thinks this is no big deal since he is able to kick a ball with him in the backyard. Am I overreacting?

A: You are certainly not overreacting. At age 4, a child should be able to copy square shapes, draw a person with two to four body parts, draw circles and squares and begin to copy some capital letters. If your child goes to preschool you may be able to request occupational therapy services. Although many parents are familiar with the terms speech therapist and physical therapist, an occupational therapist is someone who works with children that are exhibiting difficulty with their fine motor skills. You can also work at home with your child by modeling the grasp and working hand over hand with him.

Q: My 11 month old doesn't search for objects that are hidden while he watches, but my 9-month-old niece does. Is this something to think about or am I just playing into sibling rivalry.

A: By a child's first birthday s/he should be able to find a hidden object easily. If your baby does not search for hidden objects between 8 to 12 months and in your son's case 11 months, the best option would be to consult your pediatrician. Infants, toddlers and all children develop at a different rate but once it gets to be towards the end of the developmental stage it is wise to consult your child's pediatrician.

Q: I am the mother of three but my youngest has extreme difficulty separating from me. She turned 3 two and a half months ago and I don't know what to do. I can't even leave her with my mother.

A: This behavior was acceptable at 2, even two and a half but now you need to take steps to alleviate this behavior. By 3 years of age most children separate easily from parents and attend nursery, preschool, or daycare. Again speak to your pediatrician about what you can do to help your child accept the presence of other adults in her life.

Ask Her Now!

*All questions and answers are given from an educational point of view and are not to be taken as medical advice. Any time you have a concern about your child's developmental health, you must first consult a pediatrician.



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